Activity Sea

Activity Sea

 LETS PADDLE OUT ! …. best way to keep in shape when enjoying Beach House Holidays

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HOLIDAYS in Mauritius are not complete without a Catamaran Tour!


(Shared) Catamaran Day Cruise SPORTFISHER – 9am to 4pm

This days cruise will bring you to the northern islands. Your catamaran will be moored in the magnificent lagoon between Gabriel and Flat island. Enjoy the sun, fresh drinks, delicious BBQ meal and unforgettable snorkeling. BOOK direct at:


An unforgettable experience awaits you while discovering the west coast.

Starting from Black River Bay, we will sail along the coastline to Tamarin Bay where the dolphins are seen. We will take you on a breathtaking snorkelling trip outside the reef of La Preneuse.

We will then sail to the coves and stunning lagoon of Le Morne, where you will relax and enjoy a mouth-watering seafood barbecue in total comfort next to the Benitier Island.
BOOK direct at:

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