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Important to know

BEFORE travelling please refer to the official Website for the latest entry regulations

Prior to travel fill out the MAURITIUS ALL IN ONE TRAVEL FORM, which you can access via the link below:




DISCLAIMER: All GUESTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING THE ACCURACY OF ENTRY REGULATIONS AND RELEVANT FACTS  – Beach House Rental Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy of the stated links.


is not required for most EU Countries. To make sure please see the info services travel and tourism mauritius.

Climate / Weather

Mauritius is blessed with a tropical climate.

On the coast, the dry and windy tropical weather makes a pleasant climate throughout the year.

Mild in winter (June, July August) with an average temperature of 20/25°, it is warmer in summer (November, December, January) with an average of 30/35°. The temperature goes down markedly, however, in the hilly hinterland. Only in winter, one needs to bring along something warm for a few cool evenings.

What can you expect … Looking for a guaranteed weather ?

See when that all-important holiday ingredient suits you the best. When thinking of Mauritian’s weather your thoughts probably drift to hot sunny days with clear blue skies. The climate changes from north to south. Coastal areas have very different weather from the central inland regions.

Mauritian Summer

The summer months are from December to March. Temperatures are hot and humid – from around  22°C to 35°C. However due to high humidity the temperature “feels much higher”.

Sea temperature 27°C

Mauritian Winter

From June to September is very pleasant indeed. Those are the cooler month of the year and perfect for touring and sightseeing. The temperature varies from 16°C to 26°C and it is dry, cool and windy.

Sea temperature 24°C

The cyclone season for Mauritius is normally from November to February.

3 Day Weather Forecast – Mauritius Meteorological Services

At Arrival

The currency is the Mauritian rupee (Rs or MUR). Most credit cards are accepted, banking system according to European standards.



The most comfortable way to get around is a Taxi, you’ll get for reasonable prices.

IMPORTANT – arrange the price before departure, most of the taxis have a fixed price!


An international driving license is to be preferred. Driving is on the left side of the road.


there are regular and well distributed services. Comfort is poor but tickets extremely cheap.

This is not the official bus time table of Mauritius but lovely done and worth a try

Bus Timetable – The Official Guide for Public Bus Transport Services


What to pack - Your Essentials

First, you will be able to find almost everything here to buy.

What to bring, what to pack:

  • Swimming costumes
  • Sun glasses – most essential for a cool outfit on the beach
  • 30+ Sunscreen
  • Cap or hat – makes your beach look perfect
  • Phone charger, Camera/Battery charger
  • Small torch
  • Kids essentials – inflatable armbands, Rash Guard Shirts
  • Walking Shoes for touring, Beach Sandals
  • Bestseller Book
  • A big smile and a good sense of humour
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