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Shopping / Gastronomy


Don’t´ be afraid if you forgot your essentials at home, the mauritian Supermarkets are as good as in Europe and offer a wide range of choice and much longer opening hours.

The most popular Supermarkets in the North

SUPER U – http://www.superu.mu/

WINNERS – www.winners.mu/

INTERMART – http://www.intermartmauritius.com/

Shopping Malls in Mauritius

GRAND BAIE – LA CROISETTE – http://www.gblc.mu/

MOKA – BAGATELLE MALL OF MAURITIUS – http://www.mallofmauritius.com/

Specialised Shops – Delicatessy

FAMOUSE BUTCHER – for your BBQ  https://goo.gl/maps/xNCokGp6BWfo4SL26

BELLA AMIGO – Fish shop and fine food https://bellamigo.com/


Here you’ll find products – MADE IN MAURITIUS

DESIGNER AVENUE MAURITIUS – https://www.facebook.com/DesignerAvenueMauritius

SASKIA P. – https://saskia.mu/

OBANN BOUTIQUE – https://anastasiaramlall.com/

BRIGITTE CHAROY – Showroom Brigitte Charoy. Inspired by the vibrant colors of India, Google directions https://goo.gl/maps/ixmNJb4YzZxoofH57

LE RENDEZ-VOUS – offers only MADE IN MAURITIUS http://www.lerendezvous.mu/


Mauritius has not only wonderful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters – you will be also able to explore a varieties of different Restaurants, Bars with Live Music and even Dinner on a Sun Set Cruise.

Find our best choices for you to enjoy


INDIAN RESTAURANT – http://www.happyrajah.com/

THE GRILL RESTAURANT  – https://www.facebook.com/thegrill.page

BAR BANANA BEACH CLUB – http://www.bananabeachclub.com/

COCOLOKO – PIZZERIA RESTAURANT BAR – http://www.cocoloko.net/

Activity Nature


 Full day of adventure – many activities are offered in this Leisure Park.
Fun for everyone.

This 14- hectare Nature Park ( http://www.caselapark.com/ ) is on the main road 1kkm south of before the turn to Flic en Flac.
The beautifully landscaped reserve is a haven for animals and offers a variety of heart-pumping “rando fun” like zip-lines, suspension bridges, hiking, swimming spots hidden in canyons and quad-bike safaris around the neighbouring 45-sq-km Yemen Reserve (2hr quad-bike trips MUR2775), where deer, wild pigs, fruit bats and monkeys can be seen in their natural habitat.

Children are well catered for with a petting zoo, a playground, giant tortoises, fishing and mini golf.
The park’s most popular attraction is walking with lions and cheetahs.
This is not an activity for the little ones – you must be at least 150cm tall). You’ll be amazed at how large and powerful these felines really are.

If you don’t want to go “that wild” try a Segway Safari Tour.
You will maneuver your Segway through the “bush” until you will meet Zebras face to face and you will be able to pet them.

(Source – Lonely Planet, Mauritius, Réunion and Seychelles; Author Jean-Bernard Carillet, Brandon Presser)

See our Photos – HERE


 Through Nature with your very own QUAD

Four wheels, handlebars and whole lot of fun, that’s quad biking at Big Foot Adventure! We offer an amazing off road Quad Biking experience in Mauritius.  Board a single or two person Quad bike with your friends and family and cruise on the endless trails, cliffs and hills.

Get the opportunity to experience 2 hours of quad biking around the beautiful rural countryside away from the popular tourist resorts. You shall be truly amazed by the beauty of the  region. So why not explore more of what the area has to offer by renting a quad bike and taking a quad biking adventure tour!

Activity Sea


 LETS PADDLE OUT ! …. best way to keep in shape when enjoying Beach House Holidays

RESERVE your own board – https://www.realmauritius.mu/


 On boarding the Equinox Foliiz, luxurious and comfortable yacht,

that is the best of Mauritius looming on the horizon with the promise of a full immersion in a sea of clear water

Many fantastic Sea Excursions are offered by Equinoxe Foliiz –

Set off to Gunner’s Quoin , Facinating Flat Island , Must-see Morne , Welcome to Trou aux Biches , Ilot Bernache for the nature lovers! , The magnificent Grand Bay , The Sundowner

Highly recommanded to explore Mauritius by sea.


 to all the ANGLER out there

Anglers are spoilt for choices between Blue & Black Marlins, Dorados, Tunas, Sailfish, Spearfish, Sharks, Bonitos Etc… Deep sea Fishing goes on throughout the year, the best season to catch marlin is October to April.


 One of your “MUST DO´S” when on holidays in Mauritius

Catamaran day trips are the most popular activities in the North – most cruises depart from Grand Baie, at Sunset Boulevard. Lots of Catamarans head for the little islands in the North including Ilot Gabriel and Ile Plate (Flat Island).

In general, the best cruising option are the northern islets – the reefs are more pristine, the beaches quieter and prices less inflated. Ile aux Cerfs is a good option for those who suffer from motion sickness as the boat never leaves the calm lagoon waters.
There are a lot of operators offering a full day of Sun, Sea and Fun, including Lunch/BBQ, Drinks and snorkeling apparel.

See more Photos – HERE


A true exotic sailing paradise!

With steady trade winds every day, we have two sailing spots at our centre. For those looking to learn a new skill, such as sailing or windsurfing, the inner bay surrounded by coral reefs is perfectly protected and the ideal place to learn. Outside the reef, we run controlled ‘at sea’ sessions for those with more experience.

Wildwind and Wildwind Adventures, Offering the Best Sailing and Activity Holidays – for Beach Houses Mauritius guest’s you will be able to get the ultimate holiday experience.



 Also know as Pamplemousses Garden. It is one of the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere (1767). From the giant water lily to 85 different varieties of palm trees brought in from different corners of the world.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius and is easily reached from almost anywhere from the island.

Named after Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the first prime minister of independent Mauritius, the gardens also house the funerary platform where he was cremated. His ashes were scattered on the Ganges in India.

The plants are gradually being labelled and map boards installed – nevertheless a tour with a guide is recommendable as otherwise you will miss many of the most interesting species if you go alone.

The centerpiece of the gardens is a pond filled with giant Victoria amazonica water lilies, native to South America. The lilies are at their biggest and best in the warm summer months from January.

There are also many other curious tree species on display, including the marmalade box tree, the fish poison tree and the sausage tree.

(Source – Lonely Planet, Mauritius, Réunion and Seychelles; Author Jean-Bernard Carillet, Brandon Presser; Read the book)

 Don’t forget to take mosquito repellent and you will be able to stroll in peace through the Botanical Garden and enjoy a break in one of the kiosks offered along the little lake




 A MUST for Tea Lovers and a great combination to drive through the green and diverse Nature of Mauritius – already the scenic drive will make your heart jump.

The best day to visit is Wednesday in order to see the factory fully operating. You will be guided through the factory in small groups which takes around 45 pleasant minutes. Not only will you learn from the start to the end of tea production, you’ll also have the opportunity to touch, smell and ask as many questions as you want – PLEASE BRING YOUR KIDS it’s such a great way to learn that tea comes not from the box in the supermarket.

After the factory visit drive up the hill for the tea tasting and hold your breath – THE VIEW is just STUNNING !!

Taste all sorts of teas – mhhhh as well the Vanilla Tea , take a stroll through the wonderful estate and have lunch at this beautiful setting.

We say – YES, WE LOVE IT.

for more information about the whole “LA ROUTE DU THE” visit the site http://www.saintaubin.mu


 Discover the History of Mauritius through a unique interactive experience in a Sugar Factory Museum.

If you visit the Botanical Garden in Pamplemousse just on the other side of the motorway’s roundabout you will find the former Beau Plan sugar factory which is now a fascinating museum ( 9am-5pm).

It not only tells the story of sugar in great detail, but also covers the history of Mauritius, slavery, the rum trade and much, much more.

Allow at least a couple of hours to do it justice.
The original factory was founded in 1797 and only ceased working in 1999. Most of the machinery is still in place and former workers are on hand to answer questions about the factory.

It is well entertaining for kids as well with lots of videos, interactive displays and quizzes.
At the end of the visit you will find yourself a little boutique and rum tasting. You can taste four of the 15 different varieties of unrefined sugar, two of which were invented in Mauritius.

If all that’s set your taste buds working you could take a glass of sugar cane juice at the stylish cafe and restaurant Le Fangourin.

It is specialises in sophisticated Creole cuisine and all sorts of sugary delights.
So much more to read about – Visit https://www.aventuredusucre.com/en

(Source – Lonely Planet, Mauritius, Réunion and Seychelles; Author Jean-Bernard Carillet, Brandon Presser; Read the book)

 It may be a little bit “long” for young children but it can also be a big playground –

lots of interactive games and quizzes. Don’t miss the little boutiques and allow yourself a coffee in a wonderful ambiance.


 Tropical fruit trees, colourful and perfumed exotic flowers.
Nice Restaurant and Boutique to enjoy.

The Château de Labourdonnais (visit 9pm-5pm, a complete tour takes 45min), one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius, was built on a property that was originally an old concession obtained in 1777 by two young orphans, Mary Louise and Henriette Tréouart de Longpré.

In 1814, Jean Baptiste Germain acquired a portion of the estate and built the first sugar mill. The site was bought in 1821 by Jacques de Chasteigner Du Mée, who expanded the estate till his death in 1847 – increasing it from 186 acres to 1,400 acres – and named it after Labourdonnais.

The estate then became the property of two sisters: Ladies Bourgault and Aubin.

In 1854, Christian Wiehe, married to a daughter of Mrs. Bourgault, purchased the domain. An enlightened agriculturalist, this distinguished personality of Mauritian life further developped the estate and sat as a member of the Legislative Council and Chamber of Agriculture.

He became an influential man due to his business acumen. In 1856, he decided to start building the château which would be completed in 1859.

The gardens and orchards can be strolled through after seeing the château.
The lush gardens and old orchards where large fairways invite them for a promenade. Here the horticultural wealth of the region is displayed.

Besides endemic plants, the orchards host fifty varieties of hundred-year-old mango trees, spice trees such as nutmeg and clove, as well as several exotic fruit trees such as the pomme jacot, the sapote, the jamalac and the Kythira plum.
Further on, large orchards provide fruits such as papayas, mangoes, guavas or passion fruit, which are used in the manufacture of the Labourdonnais product range, without making use of any colorings or artificial flavors. These natural flavors can be experienced at the tasting bar and at the château’s boutique.During the walk through the gardens, visitors will have the opportunity to make a stop in a park where giant Aldabra tortoises graze peacefully.

Read more – https://domainedelabourdonnais.com/en/the-chateau

Labourdonnais, un château dans la nature, Mapou, Ile Maurice

 If you like a walk through peaceful nature and to learn about Mauritian History, this will make your day.

Don’t miss to have at least a coffe or lunch in the nice little open restaurant … you will also love the little boutique attached.